Soluciones globales para la impresión y encuadernación de libros
Digital rústica
KM 200 - 5.000 ciclos/h
SF 842
HD 143.D - 4,200 cortes/h
The newly developed, high-performance SF 842 sequential feeder is linked inline with the digital press. The digitally printed signatures are processed sequentially in parallel and collected in a magazine to form a complete book block. By using 2 or more feeders, system performance can be increased still further.

• Reads 2D code
• Automatic thickness measurement
• Ejection of missed sheets
• Product recognition by print mark and/or barcode
• Production-specific, variable separation into different product thicknesses
For three side trimming of book blocks and brochures, used as an individual machine or as a unit within book production lines. Dynamic axes for continuous fully automatic setting to varying product thickness,without make-readies.

• Infeed conveyor with product thickness measurement:
laser sensor for rough measurement and top roller for precision measurement
• Dynamic axes on top roller, pressing block and delivery clamp
• Infeed conveyor with camera for barcode reading and production monitoring
• Highly dynamic adjusting axes
• Block thickness measurement
• Optical monitoring systems
• Endsheet unit and lining station for hardcover book blocks production
• For single block infeed particularly for photo books

Reliable and future-proof. The on-demand KM 200 perfect binder features continuous automatic adjustment: it adjusts automatically to thickness variations from product to product.• Highly dynamic adjusting axes