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The Bookjet® Edition of the BF 530 book finishing line with new technology
The BF 530 has a number of new and improved features which make it extremely operator-friendly. Fully automated servo axes result in significantly shorter make-ready times. Highlights include sequential make-ready for production of digitally printed hardcover products.

KOLBUS book production line BF 530
rounds, presses and cases-in book blocks into hard, flexible or plastic covers, including pressing and joint forming.
For fully automated production of classic cases and digitally printed cases with a range of spine widths, particularly for hardcover photo book production

• KOLBUS Copilot® system
• Automated format adjustment
• Board centre strip cutting device
Device for cutting rigid centre board strips to width,
with possible width variance from cycle to cycle.
BF 530 - 70 cycles/min
DA 270 - 65 ciclos/min